MLM Software RD / FD Plan


What is MLM RD / FD Plan and how it works?

We are experienced and expert in RD and FD MLM software plan Development. As you already know RD means Recurring Deposit and FD means Fixed Deposit. In FD (Fixed deposit) scheme member need to deposit the money to the company for fixed time period such as one year or two year and after the maturity they will get the amount with interest as per rules and in RD, member deposit particular amount in instalment like daily, monthly or on weekly basis as per terms and after it reaches maturity, member gets deposited money with interest.

To manage all the functionality of RD and FD scheme, company needs a very consistence and functional MLM software and Omega softwares is one of the companies who offers MLM RD / FD plan software or Mini Banking MIS Software with of very high quality in all over Mumbai.

We Omeaga Softwares provides reliable and consistence multi level marketing RD / FD Softwares across Mumbai for every type of MLM business or Company.

Features of RD/ FD Plan by Omega Softwares :

RD / FD scheme reporting

Penalty calculator

RD / FD scheme maturity report

Easy money Deposit Process

>Money Deposit receipt printing

Report to manage RD / FD scheme

To see, How RD/ FD Plan works online , we offer Free online Demo of MLM Softwares.
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You have that great marketing plan in place, don’t you? Well then make sure you don’t lose out on that extra boost to your marketing strategies that our well-crafted MLM RD/ FD Plan Software strives to provide!

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All our MLM software is easy to use and highly accurate: It is, of course, designed by our programmers who have vast amounts of experience and work diligently to make sure that you only get the most efficient software in the market out there today. Here are some multi-marketing software packages that we customize for our clients:

Binary Plan

Generation Plan

Level Plan

Matrix Plan

Board Plan

Hybrid Plan

Differential Plan

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