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    What is MLM Uni-Level Plan?

    Unlike other MLM Plans, Uni-Level MLM Plan is very easy to follow and understand. In Uni-Level plan person is allowed to add new member only in front line at any width and the commission get divided at fixed level of depth as specified in MLM Business Plan .

    Main motive of this Uni-level MLM plan is to allow each person to add as many member in one line. And to make this plan even more interesting and attractive people can add some incentives, bonuses at a particular level of completion.

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    Features of Uni-Level Plan by Omega Softwares :

    Easy to explain to any new member in the MLM field

    Compensation level specified by Company

    Easy integration of Rewards and incentives

    Online payment systems integration

    To see, How Uni-Level Plan works online , we offer Free online Demo of MLM Softwares.
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