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It was in December 2001 that a highly skilled group of engineers who shared the same sensibilities, got together and laid the seeds of Omega Softwares. Right from its inception the goal of the organization was clear: to provide state of the art web solutions to customers using only the best possible technology available. Since then Omega Softwares has come a long way. We have a team of professional web developer, designers and experienced digital marketing people, who always deliver great personalized services as per business requirement. This includes ideas, services and design. We pride ourselves on retaining the very same ethics that went into building our esteemed organization and it is these very same ethics that make sure that we complete all our projects on time. It is because we have a manic need for perfection, and this is what drives us towards working selflessly towards the goals of our customers without compromising on quality at all. We provide outstanding end-to-end connectivity between our offshore setup and clients. This serves to make video-conferencing, voice chat and sharing a whiteboard look really very easy.

At Omega Softwares it’s really all about ‘you’, the end customer. We don’t believe in having short-term relationships with our customers; we are keen on forging long-term relationships. That is why we take pains to listen to exactly what you are saying, and then work our magic around the ‘blueprint’ of an idea you have laid out for us. That is why our end product is not only highly innovative, but most user- friendly and interactive as well. We strongly believe that a website is a powerful marketing tool and not just a ‘pretty product’, and we help create just that for you! So, what really sets us apart from others out there? It’s our strong attention to detail, and that is why we make sure every single website we develop is SEO-rich. With the vast multitude of companies out there all vying to get that ‘click rate’ up and going, you want ‘your website’ to be the one the customer ultimately visits. Of course, we can’t make the proverbial ‘horse’ (the customer) drink that water (visit your website), but we can make sure that we get the horse to the water, which in itself is a very big step indeed.

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart from other web designing companies is that we have only one mantra of success "speed–all-out dedication" to our customers' needs. Normally, other web designing companies are depending on templates (ready made designs) for making websites and they never consider SEO, because, it is easy to complete the work in this way.

But, we make each websites search engine optimized from start so that your website will never resemble another one. We only create content that is uniquely different from others in the market out there. We don’t believe in templates to make your website, like most other website designing companies do for their clients. We tailor each website according to the specific needs of each client. We believe ‘you’ are unique and you deserve just that: a unique, outstanding product!

why choose us