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ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’. It is quite akin to ‘ autopilot ’ in an airplane, where the plane is virtually ‘ flown ’ without a set of human hands at the wheel. So what this outstanding business software called ERP does is very similar: it allows a host of applications that are integrated with each other, to manage the crucial facets of a company like manufacturing, sales and marketing.
How it works is like this: ERP software allows us to closely monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) that are needed in order to meet the goals in the business plan of the company. Integral things like product planning, inventory and customer service can all be managed through ERP software. An ERP system essentially consists of different ‘ modules ' to address the specific needs of the organization, be it HR or distribution. Each such ERP module is integrated with a database that has all the relevant information pertaining to the task at hand, like perhaps the tracking of orders.
Of course the real beauty lies in seamlessly integrating all the modules together in an attempt to allow each bit of information to synergistic add value to the other, because in the end all the facets of every organization are closely related to each other. We at Omega provide you with exceptional software that is capable of crafting each and every module you require to perfection. Each model can be individually purchased but if you want the real benefits of ERP then you might wish to consider having more than just one.
Once you have an ERP system in place, you will come to see that you gain an entirely new perspective as far as your business is concerned. You might even consider changing the existing work procedures or go in for something like employee retraining. What ERP really does is completely changed the ‘ efficiency ’ at which an organization operates.If you thought that ERP might not be a good decision for your organization, then you might seriously wish to reconsider that thought!

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ERP Software Development in Mumbai