Inventory & Accounting Software

Inventory & Accounting Software

Inventory Management & Accounting Software

Inventory management is a deciding part of any small or big business’ success! Inventory Management & Accounting Software is online software to accelerate your financial close through a streamlined auditable finances management and a total real time visibility of your business’s financial performance.
Inventory management helps businesses be successful. Accounting software, business management and inventory management software developed for Micro, Small and Medium businesses, primarily wholesalers and merchants. Omega Softwares delivers power and adaptability effortlessly of utilization, all sponsored by the best after-sales support in the business.

Inventory Management Benefits

Improved inventory management encourages you make sense of precisely how much inventory you need. This makes it simpler to avoid item deficiencies and keep simply enough inventories close by without having excessively.

Balance your Inventory

Improved inventory management prompts to what each entrepreneur needs – repeat customers. You need your well deserved clients to continue returning to your business to meet their needs.
Calculate how frequently your inventory sells in a year and see where you can improve utilization of your assets.

Accurate Planning

Using smart Inventory Management Software, you can remain in front of the demand curve, keep the perfect measure of items close by and prepare for regular changes. This goes back to keeping your clients glad throughout the entire year.

Warehouse Organization

If you know which items or products are your best sellers and what combinations of products your clients frequently order together, you can improve your warehouse setup by putting those products in your Software and easily accessible places. This accelerates the picking, packing and shipping processes.

Employee Efficiency

You can engage your workers to enable you to manage inventory. Preparing representatives to use barcode scanners, Inventory Management Software and different instruments helps them make better use of their time, and it enables your business to improve utilization of its resources, both human and technological.

Inventory Tracking

If you have multiple locations cover your business, at that point inventory management turns out to be significantly more imperative since you have to arrange your provisions at every area relying upon contrasts popular and different components.

Time Saving

Inventory management is a awesome efficient software. By monitoring every one of the items you have close by and on arrange, you can spare yourself the hassle of doing inventory recounts to make sure your records are exact. This once again requires inventory management software.

Inventory Management Features

Common / Overall Feature Highlights

  Multi-user and multi-company
  Robust and reliable – Microsoft SQL-Server database
  Multi-currency (unlimited number of currencies)
  International – configurable for all countries and other jurisdictions, including sales taxes and terminology
  Real-time system – Provides up to the minute information
  Drill down interface – easy to access information for inventory, accounting etc.
  API (application programming interface) facilitates seamless integration with 3rd party front end applications.
  User Defined Fields (UDFs) empower users to add custom points of interest and notes to Customers, Vendors, Sales, Products and Purchases.
  Detailed screens have individual user controlled columns, ordering and filtering
  Quick Lookup Toolbar – instant access to specified orders, invoices, quotes, etc.
  Change-logging of key fields noting before and after values as well as who and when changed
  Reports can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel and data can be live-linked with Excel
  System-wide security restrictions based on user-login
  Centralized customer and vendor notes that are available wherever Customers and Vendors are used
  Open database structure supports end user reporting with 3rd party tools such as MS Excel and Crystal Reports (based on security)
  Uses SQL Reporting Services for scheduled / emailed exception and management reporting

General Ledger

  Accounts Receivable
  Accounts Payable
  Bank Management
  Payment Processing
  Contact Management
  Inventory Management
  Order Entry and Invoicing
  Pricing Rules

  Purchase Orders
  Project Costing
  Bill of Materials and Production Control
  Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  Reporting and Analytics
  Remote System Access / Remote Sales Reps
  Take orders in the field or at tradeshows, online or offline.
  Commission Processing

Optional Components

  CRM (Lead Opportunity Management)
  Comprehensive, flexible lead opportunity tracking and management
  Steps and processes are user-defined according to your workflow
  Marketing list management
  Microsoft Office integration, including emailing via Outlook and merging with Word templates
  Acts as a sales dashboard for next actions and follow-ups complete with task scheduling
  Advanced Commission Processing
  Lot Tracking (Traceability)
  Landed Cost Tracking (Accruals)
  Product (Color/Size) Matrix
  Electronic Document Management
  Online Offline Synchronized Accounting Inventory Software
  Provides Real time solution in managing Head office and multiple branches
  Centralized management of Business
  Seamless software functioning regardless of internet connection speed
  Branch software will function even if the internet connection is down
  Head office can fix price settings of branches
  Hassle free business Management from anywhere in the world
  Monitor profit and loss of each branch separately

Head office can monitor the activities of branch

Work on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile etc..Omega Softwares provides all these features for Inventory Management & Accounting Software.